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The best local experts for posted workers formalities in every country!
Thorough management of companies’ obligations and risks.
A single point of contact in every EU country from start to finish.
The first European global solution of services for posted workers!

The first european alliance of highly specialised labour mobility experts using high level digital technology.

  • 3 interconnected digital platforms that cover pre-assignment, and post-arrival compliance monitoring solutions
  • 26 firms that focus their practice on labour and employment , social security and tax matters relating to labour mobility
  • Significant experience in posting of workers compliance management (operational, legal advice, assistance for audits, litigations in national courts and before the european Court of Justice)

We aim to make the difference, there where knowledge supported by technology can make the difference.

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Our vision

“If one were not to accept some restrictions on the freedom to provide services, there would be none at all”. From the employer’s perspective, posting of workers is mainly concerned with “restrictions”. We believe that understanding restrictions is a prerequisite to understanding and realising compliance with the rules that govern the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services.

Our aim

Our aim is assisting you, in understanding and realising compliance with the rules that govern the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services. We aim to make the difference, there where knowledge supported by technology can make the difference.

Our goal

We assist employers posting workers in complying and monitoring compliance with administrative requirements and terms and conditions of employment laid down by law, regulation or administrative provisions, and/or by collective agreements in the Member State where the work is carried out.

Learn more about the alliance and who the members are.

Tobias Schönborn
Expat Management Group - Germany

Tobias is Partner & Practice Lead of Expat Management Group Germany, a Dutch based Global Mobility Provider supporting with visa, immigration and posted workers services.

In 2005 he started his career in the global mobility industry and is familiar with all aspects when it comes to international transfers / hires. Early, Tobias focused on the compliant parts of global mobility and is a true expert on global immigration and posted workers topics.

The focus of the dedicated posted worker team is to guide their clients through the directive and guarantee a smooth process for all involved parties.

The unique web based online portal allows an uncomplicated yet compliant application within minutes.

Tobias and his team face the dynamic challenges of the Posting of Workers every day and support clients in a professional and straightforward manner.

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Caroline Treuillard
Mobility Compliance Group - France

Caroline is the Managing Director of Mobility Compliance Group, providing services in immigration, social protection and posted workers experts in France.

Caroline holds a Master degree in private law and languages and joined France Immigration, the Inbound immigration expert entity of MCG in 2006 as an immigration consultant.

She has a global expert vision of formalities and obligations in these fields.

France Détachement is Mobility Compliance Group’s expert entity for all topics related to posted workers. Our aim is to make companies (home employer and host company in France) understand their obligations and reduce their risk.

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Tanel Feldman
Immigration Law Associates - Belgium

Tanel is founding partner of Immigration Law Associates. His main concentration of practice is EU law, in particular, law concerning employment and social affairs.

He advises both EU and international companies (corporations, SMEs, non-profit organizations and, occasionally, individuals), in general matters related to employment relationship such as triangular employment relationships (i.e. temporary agency work, employment of record), platform work and other atypical forms of employment, employment conditions (i.e. working conditions, health and safety at work, discrimination), moving and working in Europe (free movement of EU nationals, posted workers, third-country nationals right of work), social affairs (EU social security coordination), and as regards application of EU law (implementation of EU law by Member States).

He is a member of different associations and networks such as the International Bar Association, the European Law Institute, the Friends of ERA Association, the European Labour Mobility Initiative, and the Posted Workers Alliance.

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Alessandro Arletti
Arletti & Partners - Italy

Alessandro is a chartered accountant and founder of Arletti & Partners. The Firm serves Companies and Individuals in their global mobility fulfillments since 1998.

He has been offering specialized consulting services in legal, fiscal and contribution issues related to the international mobility of employees and supports numerous multinational companies. He also collaborates as a lecturer with the industrial associations of the large trade association Federmacchine, with various territorial offices of Confindustria.

Furthermore, he has also collaborated with the Biagi Foundation and with the University of Bologna, Bologna Business School.

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Nihat Kurt
Expat Management Group - Netherlands

After having lead the Netherlands department of an international immigration law firm in Brussels / Belgium as a Practice Leader, Nihat Kurt is one of the founding partners of the Expat Management Group, an international mobility firm in Amsterdam/ the Netherlands.

At the Expatise Academy and Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Nihat teaches the topic European and Dutch immigration law (Master course) with a special focus on compliance and best practice.

In the Netherlands, posted workers is a hot topic, whereby we make clients aware on the options, obligations and moreover, on the risks for non-compliance.

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Jordi Roca
GD Global Mobility - Spain

Since 2006, Jordi is Director of GD Global Mobility, the division of Gesdocument, specialized in advising and managing international mobility and assist international businesses and individuals to get established in Spain.

Jordi has a degree in Labor Relations at Universitat de Barcelona. Throughout his 19 years of experience advising major international corporations on global mobility issues, corporate and personal immigration laws and procedures in the European Union, Asia and America, he has been able to develop his professional skills in highly relevant companies such as PwC and E&Y.

During his professional activity, he has gained experience in the field of expatriate taxation, payroll, and international social security. Due to his international activity, he’s member of the most important international associations in this field such as EURA, ERC Worldwide and he’s also Chairman of Expat SIG at Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), one of the world’s largest professional law firm associations.

He was also an associate professor at both ESADE and ISDE, main business schools in Spain, and directs international conferences on expatriation issues related to Spain.

He is also co-author of the Immigration Guide for Investors of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

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Ewald Oberhammer
Oberhammer Attorneys - Austria

Ewald Oberhammer is the founding and managing partner of Oberhammer Attorneys based in Vienna and admitted to the Austrian Bar Association. Ewald specializes in corporate immigration matters and has handled corporate immigration matters since 1999 together with his team.

He assists international and local Austrian companies in obtaining work and residence permits and work visa.

Since 2004 Ewald Oberhammer has a special focus on the posting of workers regime.

In addition, Ewald and his team assist clients in monitoring and maintaining their compliance with immigration laws and regulations and has successfully fought cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

One focus point of Ewald Oberhammer is the compliance with the document retention requirements under Directive 2014/67/EU on the enforcement of the Posting Workers Directive 96/71/EC. This task is managed and monitored through the firm’s own developed Immigration Service Tool – comic.IST.

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Peter Boyukliev
WorkisrOund - Bulgaria

Peter is a co-founder of WORKISROUND, a legal tech company developing a potent technology automating the main processes and paperwork related to posting of workers. He is a law graduate and is admitted to the Bulgarian Bar since 2004. After 5 years in Deloitte, where he worked on various projects in the field of company and commercial law, business transactions, labour and employment, Peter moved to the Sofia-based Yordanova, Rizova and Partner slaw office where he is a partner since 2007.

Being passionate about digitization and law in 2018, Peter, together with other legal professionals and a software development company, co-founded WORKISROUND to create a multi-modular platform that facilitates compliance with posting legislation. The platform largely automates all the major processes and paperwork necessary to arrange a legally compliant posting, including:

  • identifies the specific terms & conditions of employment for any given posting situation,
  • specifies the applicable exemptions, if any,
  • describes the required documents to be kept throughout the posting and beyond,
  • generates an assignment letter,
  • submits posting notifications, where necessary, and
  • enables GDPR-compliant storage of posting-related documents.

In the rare cases where technology falls short to deliver, WORKISROUND provides specialized human support and assistance on specific issues related to posting of workers, as well as on matters of labour and employment generally.

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Malgorzata Rentflejsz
JRD - Poland

Our JRD group was established in 2004.

We render our consultancy services by 3 companies:

Malgorzata Rentflejsz i Wspolnicy Sp.k. provides legal consultancy services and tax advisory.

JRD Tax Sp. Z o.o., which is focused on VAT compliance.

JRD Sp. Z o. o. it’s an audit company.

We have specialized consulting skills to support corporations and medium-sized enterprises in the field of polish labour law, commercial and civil law as well as Polish and international tax law. Over the past few years, we have become one of the leading Polish medium-sized consulting companies in terms of operational efficiency.

Thanks to the professionalism, flexibility and individual approach to each client, we have gained the trust of corporate clients as well as small and medium-sized companies and individual entrepreneurs

Our principal asset is professional knowledge and experience of a well-coordinated team stemming from a long history of work at major multinational consulting firms.

Our philosophy is to provide individually tailored top quality services as expected by our clients, in an independent and objective manner.

In each case the key objective is to keep our clients satisfied with the services the order.

At the request of our clients our services are handled either in German or English.

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Jan Koval
HAVEL & PARTNERS - Czech Republic

Jan Koval is equity partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS based in Prague and admitted to the Czech Bar Association.

Jan specializes in labour law, employee benefits, compliance and corporate immigration.

He leads the employment and immigration practice at HAVEL & PARTNERS, which is with a team of 290 lawyers and tax advisors in 6 offices across the Czech and Slovak Republics the largest independent law firm in Central Europe.
Jan and his team provide consultations on immigration law, including assistance in obtaining work permits, residence and employee permits, drafting required documents (such as applications and notifications) and liaising with administrative authorities and the Czech Police.
In the area of labour law and employee benefits, Jan has been involved in a number of projects, primarily dealing with contractual arrangements between companies and their top managers, restructuring of human resources, and setting complex employee remuneration systems.

He is fluent in Czech, English and Polish.

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Ana Prates

Ana Prates holds a LLM in Law, and, as a member of the Portuguese Bar Association, is a licensed Lawyer in Portugal. She has further developed and honed her skills not only through experience but also through participation in several specific courses regarding immigration.

Ana works in the global mobility/immigration industry as a Lawyer, and she is an associate at ABV ADVOGADOS, where she has been head of the immigration department since 2018.

Along with the rest of the ABV ADVOGADOS team, Ana has assisted many individuals and corporations to navigate the challenges of global mobility.

ABV ADVOGADOS provides advice both to national and international companies concerning all immigration matters related with the relocation of employees to and from Portugal, as well as general employment law, including advice on the fulfilment of all legal requirements related with posting workers and assists on general relocation matters.

The firm also provides tax and social security, corporate, real state, litigation and contractual consultancy.

ABV ADVOGADOS owes its long experience in the field to its commitment to focusing on the client to assist them in achieving their goals.

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Maria Kouri
Corporate Relocations - Greece


Maria is an immigration enthusiast who never ceizes to be amazed about how immigration shapes the world. Being lucky enough to belong to a lovely family, she is a spouse, a biological mum of 2 human beings and mum of will of another child, a cat and a dog.


She passes most of her time (since 1999) assisting new enterers to Greece gaining and enhancing knowledge on a constant changing environment both in immigration and destination services while she gets inspired by her team members and their creative ideas.


She lives in a -used to be green- suburb outside Athens. Summer of 2021 the area was burnt but nature is already doing her magic.


apart from discovering the forest and seas in the summer with her family:

-Participating in immigration discussions with the industry’s like minded people ie eura (https://www.eura-relocation.com) , owl immigration parliament (https://owlimmigration.com), xpath (https://xpath.global)

Belonging/networking/shaping ideas within fascinating networks such as Posted Workers Alliance, TIRA (https://tira.wildapricot.org), Partners in Immigration (http://www.partnersimmigration.com),


Back in the 90’s:

Bachelor in European community studies (South Bank University London)-1994

Master in European public policy (South Bank University London)-1997

Troisieme cycle in Management des Affaires Europeennes (Leonard De Vinci-Paris)-1998


EARP 1 2 3 (Eura Academy)

Certification (Investment Migration Council)-2020

Growth Challenge (Cambridge University Business School)-2020

Hates/can not understand


Child abuse

Gender/other discrimination

Fires/natural disasters caused by human hand


People that respect others and assist humans to see the bright side of life i.e https://www.coachingwithmaude.com

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Malcolm Mifsud
Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates - Malta

Dr Malcolm Mifsud read law at the University of Malta. He specialised in maritime and shipping law at the IMO’s International Maritime Law Institute.

Dr Mifsud started his career by joining one of the largest law firms in Malta and was assigned maritime, civil and commercial litigation cases. In December 1998, he co-founded his own law, which developed into Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates. Dr Mifsud is a director of Aegis Corporate Services Limited a leading corporate services provider.

He is also the author of a number of publications such as The International Comparative Legal Guide to Litigation & the Dispute Resolution and the Corporate Immigration Review. He is a weekly contributor to a local newspaper, analysing and explaining court judgements

Dr Mifsud held a number of public posts. He was director of public owned company, Gozo Channel Company Limited (1999-2003), Legal Reviser at the Translations Unit at the Ministry of Justice and Local Government (2002-2003) and Advocate for Legal Aid (2000-2015). Dr Mifsud is on the Board of World Link for Law, an international network of medium sized law firms. He sits on the board of a number of corporate structures representing clients and their interests.

Dr Mifsud has assisted a large array of commercial and corporate clients, both in giving legal advice, but also representing clients in the Courts and Tribunals. He has successful represented clients in landmark judgements and disputes. He has assisted and advised clients on restructuring of corporate structures and on mergers and acquisitions.

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Andreea Gheorghe
Nestlers - Romania

Andreea became a Nestler in 2016. Her first role here was that of an expatriate tax manager and in just about 3 years she became our Nestler-in-charge.

With an experience of over 13 years in tax consultancy, she knows her legal updates better than the palm of her hand and she’s always eager to guide both businesses looking for consultancy and HR professionals seeking help for their expatriates.

Her reliability is what gains our partners’ trust and her management is what makes our team run like clockwork. And even after so many years of experience, Andreea knows she can never stop learning as new regulations emerge and new needs appear. And that’s the exact reason why she can smoothly steer your business through tax laws and regulations.

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Lena Rekdal
Nimmersion AB - Sweden

Lena Rekdal grew up in Tunisia, Sweden, and Switzerland. She received a B.Sc. at Skidmore College, the US in 1988 and an MBA from Webster University in the UK in 1993 and has worked internationally since then.

In 1995, she founded Nimmersion. After 28 years, the firm is still providing services to corporate clients that bring talent to Sweden. She frequently speaks on the topic and writes briefs and articles on immigration.

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Yvonne Clarke
RBK - Ireland

Yvonne heads up the RBK HR Solutions Team.  She is MCIPD Accredited, with an MSc in HRM Leadership, a Certified Workplace Mediator (The Mediators' Institute of Ireland) and a Diploma in Advanced Employment Law.

With over 25 years’ experience in all areas of Human Resource Management, she has works across a lot of different businesses and industries in Ireland, across the EU and international companies, in general matters related to Posted Workers and the WRC requirements in Ireland.  She also provides guidance around the employment relationship in the forms of terms and conditions of employment (i.e. working conditions, SEOs, employment legislation etc), as regards the application of Irish and EU law.

Yvonne has a personal and practical approach and is experienced in working collaboratively with clients managing multiple, disparate activities, projects and transformation programmes ensuring people strategies are aligned with business strategic direction and business needs.

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Anand J. Pazhenkottil
Blue Lake Legal - Switzerland

Anand J. Pazhenkottil holds a Master of Law degree from the University of Zürich. In 2011 he passed his Bar Exam in Schwyz. Between 2010 and 2014 he worked in the canton of Schwyz for a law firm, in a district court and in the appeal department of the state government, where he especially focused on immigration cases. Since 2014 he is practicing as an immigration attorney in Zurich.

He is experienced in providing solutions to complex corporate immigration challenges for companies in a wide range of industries. He also advises individuals in all immigration related matters.

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Natasa Tasic
Intermark - Croatia

Natasa is the Immigration Practice Director for Eastern Europe at Intermark Relocation.

The firm has been providing seamless solutions and expertise within immigration, relocation and moving services for more than 30 years in various locations across Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  

Natasa is a mobility professional with Eastern Europe, Balkans, Central Asia, and Middle East experience. Natasa’s career in the global mobility industry started back in 2009 in Dubai where she managed a diverse list of immigration projects across various locations in the Middle East. After moving back to her home country of Serbia in 2018, Natasa continued her career within the immigration industry, successfully expanding her practice to Balkan region, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

Natasa has led large immigration projects and offered expertise to global corporate customers ensuring that client customized needs, company objectives, policies and compliance requirements are always met.

Natasa is an organized, punctual, considerate and process driven immigration professional, oriented towards establishing trust, loyalty, and positive word of mouth within the immigration sphere stakeholders, while ensuring all local laws and regulations, GDPR and specific data handling procedures of destination country are fully adhered to.

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Hanna Lindqvist
Victor Ek - Finland

Hanna is the Head of Relocation of Victor Ek Moving Ltd in Finland. She has an extensive history and experience in expat matters, relocation, and destination services. Having spent numerous years as an expatriate herself, she possesses a profound understanding of the practical realities involved in moving and settling into a new country. Hanna not only comprehends the challenges but also recognizes the opportunities that global mobility presents.She's a sociable person who finds the greatest joy in her job through interacting with new people and assisting international talent in navigating the system in Finland. Unafraid of challenges, she is always ready to go the extra mile for her clients.

Hanna and her team are committed to providing high-quality destination services with a personal touch, always prioritizing the client's needs above all else. They offer a comprehensive range of services including immigration assistance, a wide array of relocation services, as well as overseas moves and move management, warehouse services, and logistics.

Victor Ek's relocation team has a deep understanding of Finnish immigration laws and regulations and is ready to assist in a variety of immigration situations, from securing Highly Skilled Worker permits to managing social security coverage for posted work assignments, and everything in between. Staying up-to-date with local procedures and evolving regulations is crucial for a seamless immigration journey. “Our aim is to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, ensuring their immigration journey is as smooth as possible”.

Victor Ek, established in 1885, is the market leader in international moves in Finland. As a FIDI affiliate, they uphold the esteemed FAIM quality certificate, always ensuring top-tier service. Additionally, they are part of the Harmony Relocation Network.

“At Victor Ek, we are dedicated to facilitating smooth, stress-free, and swift transitions. Our pride lies in our well-trained, experienced, and professional staff, who uphold high standards and quality, resulting in excellent customer satisfaction. We are always eager to assist and ensure a seamless experience for our clients!”

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Gergely Palotás
ARC Corporate Mobility - Hungary

Gergely Palotás is the Mobility and Immigration Manager at ARC Relocation in Budapest, excelling in his role since 2002. ARC Relocation specializes in global mobility and immigration services, ensuring high standards of service for their diverse clients.

Gergely holds a degree in economics, a law degree, and an LLM from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, equipping him with a solid understanding of both Hungarian and international law, particularly workforce mobility.

With over two decades of experience, Gergely has developed expertise in global mobility complexities, including compliance with EU regulations for posted workers. He has established legal standards for ARC's policies, managed multinational company programs, overseen assignment packages, and ensured superior customer service. His knowledge and dedication make him a key asset to ARC Relocation and its clients, particularly in navigating the intricate legal landscape for posted workers.

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Ellen Hoprekstad
Onboard Norway - Norway

Ellen is the founder and CEO of Onboard Norway, a company she started 16 years ago. Onboard Norway provides comprehensive services in immigration, relocation, and posted worker support across all locations in Norway.

Ellen has a diverse academic background in the humanities and computer science. Having welcomed thousands of people to Norway, she possesses a unique insight into the needs and challenges faced by individuals relocating to a new country and the importance of a smooth transition for companies.

Navigating the complexities of posting workers to Norway can be challenging. Onboard Norway's close partnership with clients offers comprehensive support on all related matters, making the process smoother and more efficient.

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Laura Sildmae

Laura is the founder and CEO of MoveMyTalent Relocation Services, providing immigration, relocation and posted worker support services in Estonia.

Laura and her team have been a strategic partner in international mobility to key local employers as well as to numerous global corporations and biggest auditing companies. They support their clients in long-term relocation projects as well as the often time-critical posted worker movements and make sure that their clients are compliant in their processes and meet all the necessary requirements.

Laura has focused on supporting international organisations and their employees with relocation and immigration since 2014. Having worked with thousands of foreigners during their international moves, she knows exactly how it feels for the newcomers as well as the employers. Laura also acts as an active stakeholder in the industry and provides her input and insight for legislation amendments in Estonia as well as keeps a close connection with different state institutions to make sure that her clients are always up to date with the newest regulations.

Whether it is a longer assignment or a shorter posting of workers, MoveMyTalent will help to arrange details related to the process in Estonia.      

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We aim to make the difference, there where knowledge supported by technology can make the difference.

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A “posted worker” means a worker who, for a limited period, carries out his work in the territory of a Member State other than the State in which he normally works.

A prima facie simple definition of a concept had given rise to over thirty years of judicial and academic debate.

Directive 96/71/EC as amended by Directive 2018/957/EU and its enforcing Directive 2014/67/EU aim to strike “the right balance between the need to promote the freedom to provide services and ensure a level playing field on the one hand and the need to protect the rights of posted workers on the other”.

Protection of workers is about terms and conditions of employment must be granted to such workers in the Member State in which territory the work is carried out. Keep up to date with the latest news and with our articles and practice notices on EU law and ECJ case-law, national law and jurisprudence in the area of “posting of workers”.

Need practical guidance relating to transnational provision of services? Our network is present in 26 Member States ,and serves customers across the world.

Data protection is one of our main priorities.

Do not hesitate to contact us using the single-point contact form.